Welcome Friends!

Thanks for visiting my web page.  I am excited to announce the release of my 3rd CD "Circle of Friends."   This CD has been in production for 2 years, and I am extremely pleased with it.   The physical CD includes a 12-page booklet with pictures and all lyrics.
Thank you so much for your support!  I couldn't do this without you.  
Peace, Lorna

Happy New Year! :-) 

I hope everything is going well in the world of YOU.  :-) I've spent the past couple of weeks mailing out CD's to the WONDERFUL people who have purchased them.  I'm exceedingly grateful to you for your support!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!   :-)  I've also been busy preparing for a couple of upcoming singer/songwriter events - one this weekend, one the end of the month.  I'm also having a great time with my music students, including two who are getting ready for The School of the Arts auditions the second week of February.  It's an exciting time!!!

Pre Christmas release! 

Hey Friends!
I just learned that CD's will be on hand Tuesday or Wednesday - just in time for Christmas, so order now!  Downloads are available starting immediately from this web site. Thanks again for your support.  :-)

The new CD 

We are days away from the big truck pulling up with boxes of CD's - dream come true!  I am so proud of this project - We've worked really hard on it - I feel it's my best one yet!
Thanks again for visiting my web site. Please come back soon!

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